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Wagon Tails Mobile Pet Grooming ®  SW Port Saint Lucie, FL 34953
Wagon Tails Mobile Pet Grooming, LLC ®  SW Port Saint Lucie, FL 34953
Wagon Tails Mobile Pet Grooming, LLC ®  SW Port Saint Lucie, FL 34953
Yvonne I want to thank you for making Baily's very first grooming such a success, he looks so good and was so happy after.  It is so nice and convenient to have you come right to the house and we appreciate how kind and gentle you were with our little boy.  I know he will look forward to his next appointment.
Thanks, Meg & Dan S
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Hi Yvonne,
  I just want to thank you so much for Grooming Zack and going to be his Groomer for now on. He looks GREAT thank you so much. All the way taken Candy (my wife) to work she kept looking at him (Zack) in the back seat telling him how handsome he looks now. Then telling me how happy she is to have a groomer for Zack that cuts his hair the way she wants it not the way the groomer wants to do it. One groomer he had would groom him long like a show Miniature Schnauzer and out right tell us that is the way he should look and that is how he will be clipped. I would try to be nice and say that is great but he is neutered and not a show dog. He is our pet gets spoiled rolls around in the grass when we are not looking, gets brushed then jumps down from the couch rolls around on the floor to mess himself up being a real boy. We want him to look some what like a Miniature Schnauzer but we want him to be cool in the heat of the summer and just enjoy being himself a dog. He is our baby, friend and protector with a great personality. Thank you so very much again.


Rich & Candy Tirella 
Hi Yvonne,  
I just wanted to say thank you! Malibu looks so cute and she seemed so calm and relaxed after her grooming......thank you again for taking such good care of our baby girl! 
Bill & Stacy 
Hi Yvonne,  
Here are the "before and after" photos of Gretel. Thanks for doing a great job with her, 3 years in a row!!
Wagon Tails Mobile Pet Grooming ®  Hernando County, FL
Hi Yvonne,  
Lemmy looks so good..best cut he has ever had.....thanks for doing such a great job..
Linda Day
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