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Wagon Tails Mobile Pet Grooming, LLC Hernando County, FL ​

  • THE FULL WORKS - Includes all services listed below.
  • THE BATH WORKS - Includes all services listed below,  EXCLUDING haircut.

  • HAIRCUT - Standard breed cuts, clipper shave and scissor work. 
  • BATH MASSAGE, SHAMPOO  - To relax & clean your pet and make him or her smell wonderful.
  • HAND BLOWN DRY - We will never cage dry.
  • PAD & NAIL TREATMENT - Excess hair removal from between pads. Nails are clipped, then finished with a Dremel grinding for smoothness. (Nail color available)
  • EARS, EYES, DENTAL SPRAY & SANITARY CLEANING - Soothing ear wash and hair plucking if necessary. Eye cleaning and removal of stained fur when possible. Pro Dental Professional dental spray, helps reduce plaque and freshen breath. Sanitary trim and cleaning.  
Wagon Tails Mobile Pet Grooming 
Pricing depends on breed size, condition of coat and pet personality.  
Please call for quote. 
Tick and Flea season is upon us.  Ask about our all natural products that are safe for you and your best friend.
Grooming Dogs/Cats in Hernando County           Services including...

We always put your pets needs first. Please note that a full groom will average about 1 hour. This allows for an enjoyable, less stressful groom session.  There will be times when some pets will not allow certain tasks.  We will do our best to get the job done, but do not believe in stressing out your pet.